Tuesday, November 21, 2017

#MusaStory: Aware to Every Reminder

Have a nice day for us,

All of the thing that we follow through in life, just like a piece of tissue.
It's so easy to torn the tissue, and throw away to the trash can.
The thing that we feel impossible to happen in our live, it's not the actual kind of landscape that what you see.
It can be or It can't be, it depends on our perception.
our live depends on our mind, what we think that what we want to get.
it's all depends on our mindset.

Live this life, day another day.
We should put more attention to ourselves.
To our society, our family.

God gives us twenty-four hours per day.
God gives us freedom to manage our time, but
God gives us the reminder, and the "guide" how to manage our time.

Every chance that we get, won't come twice.
Don't pray for the second chance, pray for the better chance.
Remind ourselves to do a lot more good deeds.
Because spreading the happiness can be a medicine for a broken heart.

be aware to every reminder, that comes from your life, comes from your daily activities.
be aware, be thankful.

praise to the God,